Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice...just ice

We had our welcome to winter in the plains this week. Ice storm. Perhaps a little snow but primarily ice and sleet. You know the kind? Where you slip and slide on the sidewalks? The grass is frozen and it crunches if you step on it?

Tuesday morning -

It's just ice. Solid and slippery.

This morning (Thursday) on my first outing after the ice storm. This is our little neighborhood in a rural part of Oklahoma City.

There is a road under there. All I had to do was find it.

This is the "melts-during-the-day, freezes-again-in-the-night, watch-your-step" stuff - ice! At least the main roads are clear once we get out of the neighborhood.

I really do not mean to complain. Several states got it far worse. And we never lost electricity. I guess I just lived in Southern California for so long that I had forgotten how winters could be.

Note to self - need firewood.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you need ice skates. ha! OH wait I forgot about your ankle. Never mind Donna

Anonymous said...

That will teach you to move. Love, Helen