Thursday, January 08, 2009

Slowly mending

The ankle is mending and the bone has not shifted. Really good news for someone over 50 and diagnosed with osteopenia (that would be me on both). I confess that I was concerned the recovery would go more slowly because of both.

I have another 3 weeks of transitioning from boot cast into an ankle brace while working the muscles to accept weight again (somewhat painful). Then 2 weeks in the ankle brace.

I am knitting but have nothing finished. I suppose that is the knitter's ADD I sometimes suffer from. I have 5 projects I'm working on all at once. And that doesn't include this sweater. oh well.


Janet said...

Good to know you're on the mend and everything is progressing as it should.

As for the knitting, I almost always have way to many projects going at one time. Just go with it....they'll all get finished at some time.

Peg said...

Good news indeed to hear how well you are healing!! I was sure that one of the first things you would knit would be a cover for your boot cast :-) who knows you may start a new trend.
Continue to take good care of yourself.