Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Confessions of a yarn-addict

My resolution to keep knitting from yarn stash was broken last night. I couldn't help was love at first sight. These cuties are a kit from Knit Picks

And the kit includes yarn for each fox.

Dang...tempted by big brown eyes, red hair, and the promise of a cuddle (haha)

Oh well. I mustn't let one slip up discourage me from this yarn diet but I really have to stop looking at every yarn catalog that shows up!


Monica Norman said...

Those are sooooo adorable! Post a photo when you're done making them!


Janet said...

Cute and cuddly....who could resist!!

Lupie said...

If the yarn is in a kit it doesn't count. The same as if you have a diet soda the cheeseburger doesn't count.
Don't worry be happy.