Thursday, January 28, 2010

The ice storm cometh

January is ending on an icy note. After living in Southern California for so many years, I'm having a difficult time getting use to having "weather"...

I had a grocery store list to shop for yesterday. Normal big deal, right? Wrong. My first clue should have been when I had a difficult time finding a parking space. But it didn't hit me what was going on until I couldn't find a grocery cart. Everyone was getting ready for today's ice storm. Must be serious.

Well they must have lived here longer then I they probably know what they are doing! OK, I stocked up on bottled water as we are on a well....if electricity goes out, so does water for us. And firewood is stacked by the fireplace to keep it dry...for it to keep us warm. Plus we have plenty of batteries for flashlights. I should be ready. ;)

Family members have had numerous doctor appointments this month. Plus daughter is starting vision therapy. That means I've spent most of my days driving from one appointment to the next for most of January. Subsequently there hasn't been much time for knitting, and even less to update the blog about knitting. And this is primarily a knitting blog, right? Hopefully next time.

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Janet said...

I hope that ice storm bypasses you. When I lived in IL I never seemed to be prepared for bad weather! Stay warm and dry!!