Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Round Tuit's

The month of January is always busy...every year. I use to wonder why that was. Then I realized it's because I put things off starting in late November until after the new year. I am happily immersed in holiday happenings and do not want to be bothered with mundane issues like doctor appointments, phone calls, insurance, etc. Then in January - I get "round tuit"

and become a functioning adult again. It is nice to be able to mark off the "to-do" list instead of add to it.

One of my "round tuit's" was to decide on a pattern for this yarn

that I mentioned in October. After looking through a few patterns that this yarn would work for, I decided on Slinky Ribs Pullover. And I have enough in my stash to do it in my size without cheating on my yarn diet! Funny thing - I knitted the sample for Knit Picks (seen in the link) and it's the same yarn and color that I have stashed. Seems like destiny to me.

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