Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Back from vacation for 5 days and I haven’t managed to spend more then 10 minutes on the computer. It’s all this “doing” stuff which has included unpacking and cleaning the motor home, laundry, weeding the flower beds, and doctor appointments. And today daughter and I gave the non-traveling home a good cleaning. Good thing we had a long, restful vacation before all this doing!

Speaking of vacation…the last part was nice and relaxing. We spent time in Custer State Park touring the park and seeing the wildlife,

...found a sign we need for the back yard (we've had to rescue 2 turtles from the dogs), …and a trip to Wall Drugs (home of free ice water) and the badlands of South Dakota.

We also went to Deadwood where my daughter tried her first slot machine.

She won too! Must be “first time gambler” luck. Of course I gave her the ole spill about only taking the amount of money you can give away to the casino. Then when she won, I encouraged her to leave a winner (in other words, cash in). She listened and happily walked away with profit.

The trip home included a side-trip to Little Big Horn in Montana, and Fort Laramie in Wyoming. We are self-professed history buffs.

A very nice vacation indeed.


“The calla lilies are in bloom again….” (Stage Door, Katharine Hepburn)

It’s my first calla lily ever….I am so proud!

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Janet said...

I usually need a vacation after my vacations! Love that calla lily! They're so exotic and beautiful.

Did you get much of that rain the other day??