Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Great Family Adventure 2010

We’re on vacation. I forgot to mention that, eh? Yes, we left on our RV vacation the 24th of May. Between last minute errands, packing the essentials into the motor home, and the excitement over Lost finale (which I loved and hubby scratched his head over) I just forgot to mention it.

The first couple of nights were spent at friend’s farm in Kansas. They are more like family really, and we hadn’t seen them since we moved from California where they live most of the year. Catching up was wonderful and seeing the family farm was nice.

From there we headed north out of Kansas and into Nebraska, making our way to Black Hills in South Dakota where we are at now. Since our arrival, we’ve been up on a mountain top, down into a cave, and witnessed an explosion.

Up on a mountain

About 8 years ago we saw Crazy Horse for the first time. It made a profound impression upon us…the commitment of the Ziolkowski family, as well as the meaning behind the Memorial Foundation.
That prompted us to become regular contributors to help in completion of the vision.

Since we are regular contributors, this year we had the pleasure and honor of going to the top of the Crazy Horse Memorial.

It was an amazing experience to be that close to an amazing sculpture-in-work.

Our guide, Dewey, gave us insight into how the work is done. And what a view from the arm of Crazy Horse!

An unforgettable experience.

Down into a cave

Jewel Cave. While it was interesting to hear about the on-going exploration of the caverns, the area that the public is allowed into just isn’t as beautiful as Carlsbad Caverns (sorry, it’s true).

Most interesting tidbit – 723 steps according to the guide (I didn’t actually count them). Yes, the ultimate stair master.

Witnessed an explosion

Sometime the work on Crazy Horse requires blowing up (off?) part of the mountain to get to the area where the work is to be done. An explosion was on the schedule for Memorial Day – an event! And we were there.

Gotta admit….Gary (hubby) really knows how to show we gals (Angela and I) a good time.

We still have another 1 ½ weeks left before we’ll be home. If I have a chance, and if WiFi is available, I will blog again about the Great Family Adventure 2010.

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Isela said...

What an awesome sculpture!

I love the last picture :)