Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday WIP

Oklahoma went straight from Winter to Summer with temperatures soaring to the high 90's every day. Lovely for enjoying our swimming pool...which we have been. But doesn't help the want to hold yarn.

Nevertheless, I have been crocheting.
Working on 2 Pokemon plushies for daughter's birthday (thanks to Wolfdreamer!). I need to get these finished by Sunday.

But most of my spare time has been spent playing with beads.

I have a chart underway for a beadweaving design that has been vegetating in my head for over 2 years. It seems like time for it to evolve beyond an idea, eh?
Flower beds are starting to look like.....well, FLOWER beds. ha! Gladiolas have started to bloom despite the heat.

And another calla lily has bloomed.
Maybe I can do this gardening thing after all?

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Janet said...

It has been just gorgeous here but today it managed to creep into the 90's. Up until today we haven't even had the cooler on at all!

Glads always look so beautiful. The wind usually gets mine.