Sunday, March 26, 2006

Central Coast of California and a knitting confession

I love the central coast of California. These beaches abound with wildlife. Today we had lunch at Great American Fish Company and watched a couple of otters and a seal in the bay.

Knitting update - I cast on the stitches and started the knitting for my camisole during the drive from home to the coast. I didn't get knitting time Saturday but have managed a few more rows tonight (Sunday) before turning on the computer. While I remembered the digital camera, I forgot to bring the cable to hook it up to the computer. So all pictures of project will have to wait until I'm home. Sorry!

The other project I brought along for the week was tapestry crochet bag I really am enjoying this crochet technique!

Confession - I love looking at patterns to find the "next one" while I'm still working on a pattern. This camisole has me thinking of lace. So I did a search and found this delicious pattern! A snap, right!?


Janet said...

That poncho pattern is gorgeous!! I think that would be one poncho I could wear since it's so light and lacey. Most of them are just too bulky for me.

I'm so jealous....on the coast and eating seafood. That's my kind of vacation.

Inky said...

Hi! Just found your blog. I live in the Central Coast and also knit -- do you come this way often? I'm in the Five Cities area (where we have 2 yarn shops and a few more sort of close by).