Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Socks, socks, sock! and Off to the beach!

January was sock month for me. Everyone in my family has handknitted (or loomed) socks now. And I can now color coordinate my loomed slipper socks with my PJ's - which is just silly!

So February, I tried to break the sock habit. And I experimented with felting - and guess what? Yep, slippers.

March blew in and I managed to completely break the sock and slipper habit. Projects that were started (then ignored) during the sock and slipper frenzy have been finished. I'm particularly pleased with my beret pattern. It was knitted on one of the new Knifty Knitter looms that are to be released.

We're off to the beach for spring break! Since I finished all but one of my loom projects, I'm rewarding myself by working on the camisole. I mentioned in a previous blog post. My swatch is done, the supplies are gathered and neatly packed next to the "co-pilot" chair of the motorhome. Tomorrow I cast on! Let's see how much I manage to do in the next 10 days!

And guess what? I'm not taking a loom! Gasp! I decided I needed to miss them awhile. ;-)

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Janet said...

Great beret! Have fun on your get-away....