Friday, March 17, 2006

C'mon designers...let's play "You might be a designer if...."

I've been thinking all day about a design I've worked on since December. Yep, that long. What's the problem you ask? Well, I haven't worked on it daily since then. Or even weekly. But it has been lurking in the depths of my brain for that long....with the thought that there must be a way to work this on the knitting loom. In between those thoughts (and drawings and yarn experimenting), I did other knitting (both needle and loom). And returned to designing beadwork (I'm a bead weaver...did you know?) ;-) And even started a tapestry crochet project. But this silly little idea wouldn't go away! The solution finally presented itself when I was showering this morning...(where the h@ll have you been!??)

Anyway, today I wondered if anyone else felt the complusion to hold on to a design idea for months. Or am I the only designer that holds onto an idea and beats her/his head against the yarn cabinet until the solution shakes loose?

That being said, let's play a game. You know the "You might be a redneck if..." jokes? Well, let's see what designers know about themselves.

(in the voice of Jeff Foxsworthy) You might be a designer if.... look at the picture of a knitted item (or beaded, or loomed) and think "oh, they did..."(fill in the blanks) get the pattern home and read the instructions and make notes of changes that would improve it! go to sleep thinking of the latest creation....

....and wake up the next morning right where you left off!'re working on the latest design only to have to rip it out because you came up with a better idea!'re working on the latest design, and have a drawing pad next to you for the new designs you're thinking of ;-)

OK, your turn!


isela said...

heheheh, I fit the loony bill too (I mean looomy bill) hahahah.

you forgot one: have a notebook in every nook and cranny of the house so when an idea strikes you can write it down!

Ohhhh, I need your help. I have a fellow loom knitters whom needs to put the Loom Knitter's Ring button in her blog, can you help me out with the code for it, I see you have it :)...thank yuuuuu

Janet said...

Yes...yes...yes...even tho I never consider myself a "designer" I have ideas for drawings/paintings, cards, knitted projects, crochet projects, etc etc etc...all fighting for space and time in my little pea-brain! And I just keep adding to them all the time.

Kathy N said...

Isela, I did forget about the notebooks! I'll send an email with the html code. ;-)

Janet, you are a designer! That's a another sign...the brain that won't hush up! Welcome to the club!

mary w. said... have so many ideas for new designs written down that you'd have to live to the age of 120 years to make them all !

do i qualify ? lol

Sorka said...

you can't sleep eat or do anything till you find that sketchbook to put down your idea!!!

Soo many ideas soo little time!!

Kathy N said...

Mary...defintely qualifies!

Denise...oh little time! How do we decide which idea to pursue first!?