Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Returning to normal

With the septic construction finished, life is slowly returning to what will be considered "normal" here. And I'm breathing a sigh of relief for that! I'm slowly relaxing after months of constant tension...and can feel the creative juices flowing again. I've got three new projects in the drawing phase....and I'm so excited about them! More on those as details are worked out.

Since I finished my beret pattern, I haven't spent much time loom knitting. Well, I did fingerless mitts...but that was a pattern I did from about January...so it doesn't really count! Oh yeah, I played around with a visor hat....need to return to that pattern....Gee, I guess I should say I haven't spent as much time as usual loom knitting LOL Anyway, I wanted to make a young girl a special gift. Meet Scruffy! He's already gone to his new home.

What else? Oh yeah, I've also been hookin' - as in crochet. A friend from Michaels asked if I had ever crocheted socks. Well, no, I said, I think they'd be too bulky. Oh c'mon, she urged - try this pattern book. So I did...I mean I just can't look away from a sock pattern for long. And I did want to learn how crocheters turn a heel....interesting process

And guess what? They're ARE too bulky!! You'd have to wear a shoe size larger than normal to wear them! But I did enjoy learning how crocheter's do socks....and they make fine slipper socks for around the house.

Needle knitting results have to wait until batteries are recharged.

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falwyn said...

I love Scruffy!!! Please, please tell us how you made him... I assumed he's loomed (from what you were saying at the beginning of the paragraph). I see Fun Fur... Any details would be welcome!

When you get back from vacation, of course. Hope you have a good one.