Monday, June 05, 2006

Good news, bad news

A friend of mine has a magnet on her fridge "all stressed out and no one to choke." Seems appropriate.

Good news! County environmental inspector came last week - at last we have a permit to put in the new septic system (only took 1 1/2 months...grumble). Now....contractor needs to call to schedule when they start digging. One step closer.

Bad news! My hubby gave me a rose tree last year for Valentine's Day. Darn gopher killed it! Other fatalities include 2 (small) peach trees. Gophers beware - traps are out!


Good news! We adopted two dachsund mix dogs from a local rescue.
Meet 3 yo Cagney, a dachsund/chihuahua mix. He's a bundle of love with a bark, and afraid of hardwood floors.

And 14 month old Bogart, our dachsund on stilts. No kidding - he's got the dachsund face and body length but has long legs! He's a jumper and has a beautiful face.

Together, they form the Gangster Boys. Their favorite past times include barking at wild rabbits, lizards, and sitting in my lap when I'm trying to knit.

Bad news? Well, none really....except that we still miss Arthur.


Good news! I'm being more creative! I'm playing with color....mixing fun fur colors to make new color blends.

...and about two weeks ago, I started working on a loomed visor hat.

Bad news! I'm not happy with the visor hat design. So it's back to the loom to work the issues out.

I'm still having trouble concentrating on designing. The issues of life we've dealt with for the past 2 months (feels longer!) still occupy much of my thoughts.

And forget complex knitting! I've had to stick with "no brain'er" type of projects. I miss it (sniff, sniff)


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Janet said...

The dogs are so cute! And just as you described. Love the fun fur combos, and the visor hat looks cute, too.

Sorry the gophers are wrecking havoc on your roses.

I love Crazy Aunt Purl....she's a hoot!!