Thursday, June 15, 2006

Testing missles? Working on UFOs

Day 3 of putting in the new septic system reminds me of the Tom Hanks movie "Money Pit" - and question from the movie - "are you testing missles here?" - applies!! Luckily our contractor isn't giving us the "2 weeks" blanket statement from the movie. He said 3 days - today is day 4 (Thursday) and it appears there will be a day 5. But still it's better than 2 weeks.

With all the digging, the gophers have decided this hill isn't a good home anymore. The worker's have said they've "accidently" killed a couple....and we saw one last night leaving...yay! I really am a lover of all things nature but we've lost too many trees to these darn rodents to be sorry to see them go.

Speaking of all things nature....I'm thrilled to report that the jack rabbits on our little hill are thriving. We've spotted a couple this week. One was larger than our dog. I'm sure the hullabaloo of the digging has caused them to be more active and in the open. However, we haven't heard the coyotes since it all began. And with the lack of coyotes, the cotton tails are thriving (and eating my flowers!!!)

Of course, we have to work on the yard to repair the damage from the digging anyway.

We've stayed close to home during the construction....good thing as a water line from the well house was cut accidently. So I've spent the time working un-finished objects (UFOs).

Angela is thrilled to see her granny square afghan completed.

Then I finished the fingerless mitts loom pattern for an August class at Michaels.

Next UFO to finish is the loomed dog I'm working on ('s a gift). Then I have 1 crochet project and 2 needle knitting projects to finish. Then....gasp!....I'll have no more UFOs!! hmmmmm.....time to plan to new project.

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Janet said...

The afghan is beautiful. I love the colors. It reminds me of a rose garden. The fingerless mitts are so cute. And I sympathize with you about your yard....and all the animals. But it will get better!!