Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Accessing my website and some fun links

If you try to access the old web site and have problems with any pages, please let me know. Yahoo helped me by moving the files to the new domain. So essentially they made more work for me as I have to check all the pages before uploading the new files. Oh well, at least the domain name is "official" now. ;-)

I'm hard at work on the website and a couple of other projects. No pictures but I will leave you with some fun!

How would you like to knit a slice of cherry pie? Or a
cinnamon roll? No calories in these!

Are you a cat person? Here’s a place to get a dose of kitty-hood everyday – Daily Kitten I love it. ;-)

1 comment:

Janet said...

How funny....I posted about some crochet items that are a bit unusual! I love the cherry pie and the cinnamon roll.

I'll check out the website later tonight. Don't you love it when you get "help"!!