Saturday, October 07, 2006

Score! and website

Twice a year the local branch of the Los Angeles County Library has a Friends of the Library book sale. All members of my family are avid readers and these events are special to us because we find all sorts of books that we might never buy otherwise. We hit the sale, armed with bags and anticipation of "what will we find this time?". Among other topics, I always look for knitting or crochet books/magazines but normally there aren't any. However this year I scored!

Someone evidently de-stashed and I benefited. All of this for about $10!

I felt so good about all the money I saved that I finally ordered the sock loom I've been drooling over. Then rushed to tell hubby what he was getting me for Christmas!

Website news - I had planned to have my new website,, up and running yesterday. But Yahoo is having problems of some sort getting it "propagated" (don't ask me to explain that term 'cause I don't know! I'm a knitting/beading geek - not an internet geek).

I called the customer support service of Yahoo yesterday morning and spent over an hour with a helpful rep - really suprised me that there would be one that actually is helpful! Problem was, she didn't know why either and had to call in technical support. Technical support needs to call me back and I'm still waiting (they probably do not work weekends - figures).

Humerous story - technical support had the customer service rep on hold for 30 minutes. Evidently even if you work there, you still stand in line for help.

So the launch of the new domain is postponed until technical support comes through. But it will be worth the wait. I have new patterns ready to go and the new domain does not have the "time out" problems the current one has (well, it's about time I did that!)

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firefly said...

Good luck with your new venture, and well done on scoring those books!