Saturday, October 14, 2006

Taking pictures

I've been unhappy with the photos that I snap of my finished designs. They look like home photos....yeah, I know I take them in my home but I would like them to look like they came from a studio. This became an issue for me this past week. So I had to spend time building a light box

I had a "build a display" type of thing left from the days when I sold my finished pieces at craft fairs. Main pieces look like this

with connectors so that the display can be shaped to meet your needs. This is what I came up with

It's lined with fingerpaint paper which has a shiny side and turns out pictures like this

I added a sheet to the inside to get a draped effect in the background for this photo

And for a black background (for bead projects especially), I inserted a black posterboard into the light box with the cuff on the display hand. It turned out "OK" since the display hand shows dust particles in the light ... have to work on that one ... but here it is...

Here's another way to make the light box. I just may try this one too...when I have more time.


Janet said...

Cool idea! I like how the hat looks in the photos, and the bracelet looks good, too.

I'll have to show those sites to my hubby as he is "into" photography and always looking for ways to improve his shots.

Mimi said...

Lovely hat and the pics are so good! Thanks for the link, I might be able to use it to improve my photos :)