Thursday, October 19, 2006

There's no place like my home

I love living on our property. It's a home, a source of interest, and an art gallery all rolled into one.

We are a close-knit family (hubby, daughter, two dogs, and myself) and together, we make our house a home.

We live close to Totem Pole Ranch. They lease their land out for events and movies. Today I noticed trailers, caterers, tents, supply trucks...all that jazz...were setting up. It must be a movie shoot 'cause there were small buses with "Star Bus" written on the side (gee, ya think? What was my first clue!?)

We left for our day and found the movie location less then a mile from our driveway.

Sorry for the awful picture but as we were running late, I couldn't stop. My darling daughter took the picture while I drove. ;-)

Since I decided to post the pictures about the movie (or television?) shoot, I decided you should also see what we found so attractive about our place when we first saw it. The fact that it's outside city limits was a deciding factor. And the beauty of the mountains surrounding us made it attractive. Then there are the howls of the coyotes and the lion roars coming from Cougar Ranch. But what makes this place so special is the artist touches left by the man who built it. His death was the reason his wife put the place on the market. He wasn't a famous artist but he had a wonderful imagination.

Here's a little tour of our outside art gallery. We'll start from the road where our mailbox is.

The first piece of art anyone notices are the "eyes."

If you look up to our little hill while still on the road that runs in front of our property, you'll see them.

When you leave the road

to come up our drive way (which is a quarter mile long)

you'll get to see some "wildlife" ;-)

A cricket,

a dog,

a spotted pig,

a worm (actually several but they all look the same),

and an owl

which is at the top of the driveway.

Along the walkway that runs between the house and garage, you'll see 4 paintings...caricatures...which we love!

(excuse the reflections...the paintings are covered with plexiglass)

Now you know why I think there's no place like our home!


Janet said...

That is so cool! You live in a really fun, interesting place. Thanks for the tour! Did you ever find out who was filming? When I worked for an artist down below many years ago, our studio looked down on an alley where they were always filming "TJ Hooker" and we would hang out the windows and watch! It made the time go by quicker.

Gemma said...

I saw you over at Janet's and came by to see what you are doing....enjoyed the tour of your property....must be nice wide open spaces.