Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hey or Hay!?

My daughter is having oral surgery tomorrow. Needless to say she's upmost in my thoughts today. And I thought I'd share one particularly cherished memory with you from when she was about 5...

...which was 13 years ago.

During one of our errands in the car, she said "hey!"
My response was "what?"
She repeated "hey!!"
I said "WHAT?!" somewhat louder.
She said "nevermind."

The little game (or so I thought) continued off and on for another few which time I looked at her in the rearview mirror as I asked "what?" To my suprise she was pointing at....yep, you got it....HAY truck. We shared a huge laugh in this moment that has continued for many years.

And once in awhile, we all try to fool each other when on the road with a calm "hay."

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Anonymous said...

May everything go well tomorrow with the surgery.

Your story is funny :).