Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A whole lotta knittin' going on

Whew! The needles have been flying as I finished up swatches for the Walker Treasury Project (pictures of the swatches can be found to the left side of the blog). If you haven't visited the Walker Treasury Project blog, go! This is truly a labor of love by knitters.

I've started another sweater test knit with a deadline of....well, soon!

This is my second sweater test knit in less then 2 months...and it has renewed my desire to knit sweaters for myself. Typically, I like projects that finish quickly and look for buzz words like "easy," "weekend knit," etc. But I've found myself eyeing this lace cropped cardigan. It's a challenge in that it's lace....and I've never knitted a top down sweater before. The fact that it's "no seam" is a huge plus. And I adore it! Yeah, I've talked myself into knitting this one during our yearly 3 week motorhome vacation. The question now I have the yarn? Or do I have to go yarn shopping? Such a chore - NOT!

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