Saturday, April 07, 2007

When the going gets tough....

....the tough go shopping!

Actually I never need an excuse to shop for yarn, beads, and books. And since I have finished not one damn thing no pictures of finished items to show you, I thought I'd show you the goodies I've purchased (other then yarn) since the beginning of the year.

I had Nicky Epstein's books on my Amazon wishlist for Christmas. No one took the hint (oh well). So as my congratulations to myself for finishing the loom knit booklet and getting it to the publisher on time, I ordered them for myself. (snicker)

In February I spotted this crochet pattern booklet in an Annie's Attic catalog.

Flip flop toppers! Love them. I've picked out the first one I want to do. I just need a free evening to do it.

Then there's the loom I've wanted for so long! When the new peg style was announced at Decor Accents, the urge became overwhelming. Here's my new baby....

It arrived a little over a week ago. Of course, I'm swamped once again with UFO that absolutely must be finished before I can start another project so I content myself with petting it.

March was a great month for new releases of books! This one....

....was written by a very talented loom knit designer and very nice lady. (Hi Isela) I've only had a few minutes to look at it. The instructional graphics are so good! I predict that this book will become a must have for loom knitters.

This book...

was a must have for me. I love Sensational Knitted Socks. My expectations for More Sensational Knitted Socks have been high. Thus far, I've only had time to glance through it so I can't give a review. However, I did note that the layout has changed. My first impression is that the change makes the patterns more difficult to follow. But as first impressions aren't necessarily accurate, I'll reserve my final opinion until I've had a chance to actually knit one of the patterns.

On Friday, I stopped by the post office to pick up a package of yarn for another test knit I'm doing. And guess what!? My co-op bead order had arrived too...yippee skippee!

I'm a member of a bead buying co-op which really saves me some $$ when putting together some of my designs to submit. I'm working on a few beadweaving designs that need multiple colors of delica beads I didn't have (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!)

Of course, as long as I'm ordering delicas, I might as well get a few hanks to do one of the bead crocheted snakes from Adele's book. (Forgot to mention buying that one in February hehehe) To top the order off, I just had to order some crystals because they're gorgeous! always needed.

I still do not like snakes but really want to do the memory wire bracelet in this book!

Buying frenzy aside, I noticed a new link on a friend's blog. Of course, I had to click on it. Here it is.....

At last! I can "forgive" myself for being an infrequent blogger.

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Janet said...

I just spent several days counting and sorting books! I had to inventory the ones left from my business. So when I finally got to the blogs and found more books I had to laugh. But I'm the same way. I think I would like all of these except the last one!!