Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins

Friday Fill-Ins #62

1. Ahhhh, it's so nice have a long soak in a bubble bath. Take one really good book, a bottle of water, favorite bubbles scent, and hot water....paradise.

2. One of my favorite things on my desk or bureau is photos. I have photos everywhere but my favorite is one of my daughter when she was 2, with her natural curls wearing her little Mickey Mouse dress.

3. Japanese Cherry Blossom trees.

4. My bed is my favorite place to sit and read. It is such a treat to get to bed early enough to read! Normally I'm up late and just too tired for reading in bed.

5. Cara cara oranges and chocolate is delicious! Well, what else did you expect? I've already admitted to being a choco-holic. But I'll bet the fruit reference was a surprise.

6. I love to watch Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant in movies. I enjoy many actors but these two together is priceless. Favorites are Bringing Up Baby and Philadelphia Story.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having a loom knit tutorial finished, tomorrow my plans include pesky housework (the only day I'm usually home long enough) and Sunday, I want to knit of course (and maybe bead a little)!


Beastmomma said...

I like reading in bed too.

Jace said...

Hi there! Thanks for the comment you left at my blog. :)

You're a knitter, huh? I'm hopeless at it. I've tried to learn many times, but could never get the hang of it. I'm much better at crochet, but I mostly cross-stitch these days. :)

Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate having to dedicate weekend time to housework? ugh Carol

Lifelines said...

Yep, I like to knit, too, but I'm just starting out again after quite a few years.. and I LOVE it more than ever. thanks for commenting on my blog! :)

Monica said...

I just hate housework in general and used to be the world's worst. You could eat off our floors. Potato chips over there in the corner, hot dog bun under the couch.

Then I came across the FlyLady routines. Now my house always looks like I spend hours on it. The work is divided up into tiny bits each day. Now I do a quick pickup, reboot the dishwasher, and fly all weekend long.

You can find the routines on Start with the baby steps. Eventually you'll divide you house into zones and only work 15 minutes a day in the assigned zone. And if you miss a day, OK! Just take up where you left off.

I've been using her techniques for 3 years, and my house looks so nice that one of my old girlfriends gasped in shock.

Robin McCoy said...

Reading in bed....I haven't done that since before my son was born (now 3). I haven't picked up a book since I was pregnant with my second (now 17 months). And now that I am obsessed with looming, crocheting, and knitting the only books it looks like are in my future are pattern books. :D Speaking of...I got an e-mail last night that my looms and your book were shipped off to me! Can't wait to get it.
NO MATTER what anyone says...chocoholic is NOT a bad thing. Hubby makes sure that my reserve is full when I get irritable. LOL!
Oh, my actor/actress combo preference: Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne! They seem to fit like a hand in a glove. :D
Here is to hoping that Winter Blues leave soon...for you and me!

Chikai said...

i'm so looking forward to number 1! great answers! :) and thanks for checking out my entry last friday and see you again next time. :)

~ Chikai

Diana said...

Hey, Kathy. 3:10 to Yuma is definitely worth bumping to the top of your watch list.

(And I love when my socks' stripes don't match!)

Janet said...

I've gotta say, I'm loving the pictures of cherry blossoms that people are posting! Beautiful!

Thanks for playing :-)