Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins

The Friday fill-ins continue! I really like these. My sincere thanks to Janet taking her time to think these up. ;-)

Friday Fill-Ins #63

1. Contact may cause irritation. I'm actually thinking of skin contact with chemicals....not with me. hehe

2. The parties hereto do mutually agree to disagree. Happens here all the time.

3. Disney parks are always crowded! Living within driving distance of Disneyland California, I know this is a fact.

4. More sleep sounds really good right about now! I'm burning the midnight oil too often lately.

5. I positively have to update my website.

6. My daughter always makes me smile :-) She is such a wonderful young lady. I'm proud.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to playing with the WII (family time), tomorrow my plans include pizza with friends and Sunday, I want to listen to audio book and knit!


3rdEyeMuse said...

great answers. enjoy what sounds like the making of a lovely weekend!

Ellen said...

That sounds like a very enjoyable weekend. It's been forever since I've knitted.

Janet said...

I forgot the fill-ins again this week!

We seem to agree to disagree here at our house, too! And my daughter always makes me smile. I could almost copy your answers for my own!!

Janet said...

I've been to Disneyland a couple of was fun!

Hey, who reads the Dean Koontz book?

And...thank you for thanking me, you're so sweet! Thanks for playing :-)

Janet said...

sorry, I meant...who does the audio book?