Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hookin' Month

Although I'm a dedicated knitter..especially socks...my first yarn experience was with crochet (hooking). Once I learned to knit, the texture of crochet stopped being as appealing to me. So I might finish one or two crochet projects a year (not counting bead crochet).

But today....I saw an advertisement for the next issue of Crochet magazine.

I'm loving the top on the front cover. Potentially something that I'd love to finish. OK, that project is enough to entice me to see what other projects are in this issue.

As I browse Interweave Crochet Magazine website with other project pictures, I find this...

Oooohhhhhh! I want to do those too! Looks like April will be a hookin' month.


Anonymous said...

I do like those socks!

Anonymous said...

wow!!! a former 19 yr old preemie!
And just think 19 years ago the technology probably wasn't that great. What a story.
Thanks for stopping by.

Robin McCoy said...

I just sent off for my trial subscription to that magazine! What a coinicidence. Those socks look awesome. But, being very novice, I don't know if I am ready for color changing or intricate patterns.
I have been soooo busy, that I haven't had a chance to review your book yet, but my neighbor's girls, whom I am teaching to loom, saw it and thought that was 'cool!' Just thought I would let you know. :D