Tuesday, May 27, 2008


....do I watch sad movies when I'm depressed? Do you? Seems like we'd pop a wonderfully hilarious movie into the DVD player instead to cheer us up. But no.

Instead I watched Philadelphia today (we're home with a stomach bug and not in the mood to be happy).

I did start a simple, no-brainer sock pattern with discontinued (and inexpensive) Magic Stripes.

I have no mental capacity for anything past a k2, p2, and do not want to blow it with a better yarn.

Feel sorry for me yet?


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit of a baby too when I'm sick so I'll feel sorry for you. lol Hope you feel more like your old self soon.


P.S. Tom Hanks movies are the best

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better today. Let's see those socks! Donna