Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wow! The studio does have a floor!

That's because I have packed up a great deal of yarn and taken out filing cabinets (now in the garage until move). My looms had to be taken off the wall and stored in cabinets (where yarn was taken out) when hubby painted. I'm really going to miss all the built-in cabinets in this room.

We are all tired of cleaning, sorting, boxing, carrying boxes out to garage; painting, cleaning up after painting. But we're almost done. There are a few details to attend to this weekend around the house and property, but it will be ready by Monday. Then all we have to do is maintain the cleanliness day-to-day, and perhaps I can start knitting again. Or maybe a little beading. Wouldn't that be lovely!?

Real estate agent starts showing next week. Anyone want a wonderful little house with over 6 acres of horse property in the Palmdale (CA) Hills? Great views!

I really love this hill and will miss the peace that comes over me whenever I'm home. I fell in love with it the day I saw it. It became my refuge from the crowded urban sprawl that is Southern California.


Janet said...

That was the part I disliked most when we had our house on the market....keeping the studio neat and clean! Your view is spectacular!! I would love to be out of the sprawl but for now we will stay put.

Sorka said...

How many bedrooms?? Got a seperate workshop the hubby can run away to to work?... only kidding I meant so I can run away and work!!