Monday, April 10, 2006

Knitting Update and Shawl pattern

Camisole update - top was finished 2 weeks ago and needs to be blocked before adding bottom. I always procrastinate on blocking! But since I really want to finish this beautiful piece of needle knitting, blocking is planned for tomorrow.

As for the looms...

I've been asked about the beret pattern. It was originally designed for the Knifty Knitter long (oval) looms that haven't been released yet. But I am in the process of adapting it to the round Knifty Knitter looms. That pattern should be available next week. I'm interested in doing a felted beret....what do you think?

I love this shawl! I taught this class last May and didn't post it to my other blog so I thought I'd add it here.

It was loom knitted using the yellow Knifty Knitter loom and 2 skeins of Bernat Matrix yarn. It's worked using flat panel knitting. You'll knit the shawl sideways starting at one side, increasing pegs/stitches to the bottom "V", then decrease pegs/stitches to work to to the other side. I added loads of fringe to the bottom! But that would be up to you.

Cast on 3 pegs using e-wrap. Turn, e-wrap and knit 3 pegs for 6 rows using flat panel knitting method. (This creates a tie at one side.)

Increase row: Increase 1 peg/stitch by e-wrapping it. Turn, e-wrap and knit off.

No increase row: Turn, wrap, and knit off.

Repeat "Increase row" and "No increase row" until all 41 pegs have been used.

Decrease row: Decrease 1 peg/stitch by lifting last stitch from peg onto loom tool; lift next-to-the-last stitch from peg onto loom tool (two stitches on loom tool); now lift last stitch over next-to-the-last stitch, and let it drop (1 stitch remaining on loom tool). Return next-to-the-last stitch to its peg. This is the same as binding off in flat panel (as for a scarf). Turn, e-wrap and knit off.

No decrease row: Turn, wrap, and knit off.

Repeat "Decrease row" and "No Decrease row" until only 3 pegs left with stitches.

Turn, e-wrap and knit 3 pegs for 6 rows using flat panel knitting method. (This creates a tie for the other side.)

Bind off 3 pegs/stitches using flat panel bind off with chain in between. Weave in tails and add fringe!


Andrea said...

the shawl is lovely, and i think a felted Beret would be awesome

Janet said...

I love the looks so light and airy. Very feminine.

Anonymous said...

awesome looking....i can't wait to try this one. i am on a shawl kick lately!

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful shawl. I tried to make it using yellow kk loom. It came out well but it kind of curls at the edges. How does yours look so straight? I would really appreciate any advice on this