Monday, April 10, 2006

Please vote! Beading contest

I almost forgot! The voting for the bead contest started today. Please vote!

Instructions to vote: My entry is number 21, Time to Bloom. Once you go to the url in this post, you will need to enter your email address to vote for #21. Then you will then receive an email to confirm the vote. Please do!!! The web site does not spam you. They ask for your email address to make sure we don't vote for ourselves a million times hahahaha

To vote: go to Bead Pattern Contest page (you can use that link).

And, yes, I know there are loads of beautiful beaded necklaces there. But I think mine is worthy of your vote! ;-)

1 comment:

trek said...

I voted for you. Wanna return the favor? Vote for me (trek) in the SYAC flash your stash contest. Just leave a comment saying you vote for me here.