Monday, April 10, 2006

Tapestry Crochet

I haven't blogged recently due to family issue. And, quite frankly, I haven't spent much time knitting - with or without needles...big shock to me and my family.

However, I have spent time doing tapestry crochet. I love it! This is exciting to me as I haven't been a big fan of crochet in a long time.

The first book I bought, Tapestry Crochet, is a very good tutorial for learning this technique. Recently, I got More Tapestry Crochet. I think this book will be my favorite for patterns....great bowl patterns!

I love to go to used book stores and found one in Cambria, CA during a recent trip. One great find was this copy of Hard Crochet. It's the same technique used in tapestry crochet and the brimmed hat is wonderful!

OK, now you know why I've been silent on knitting. However, the needles and loom are once again in my head. So I'll be posting more frequently. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Janet said...

Yea, great find! I love that hat, too. It was the reason I first bought the book. I haven't made one yet but I still plan to some day! It's on my list.

Hope everything else is going ok now. I've missed you.