Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's about time.....

.....I thought of posting to the blog! I've been in cleaning mode the past two weeks. Bookshelves are finally cleaned out. Closets are under control. But since Christmas, craft supplies have migrated to every room in the house except baths (there are even paint brushes in the kitchen!) So I continue to try to sort through it all and find storage in a central spot. Probably will never happen....I'm a terrible pack rat of crafting supplies.

While going through bookshelves, I found a wayward bead magazine (not in the bead magazine bin) that I had to look through. Of course I found a project I want to do...

These butterflys are done with bead embrodiery. So I rifled through my embrodiery supplies looking for backing (canvas, perferated paper, something that would work...) and found this kit I had purchased years ago....

Great....two more projects I want to do.

That's the trouble with my attention many things get my attention!!

When not doing the spring cleaning thing, or spending time with family or dealing with real life issues, I have been crocheting. I have even been enjoying it! gasp! You see...I adore, love, need needle knitting! Typically I only resort to crochet when I want to make something that can't be knitted. But thanks to my friend, Janet, I've fallen for tapestry crochet.

I finished this bag last week after frogging the handle 3 times because I didn't like each method I tried.

I haven't started a new tapestry crochet project yet....but I did do a lap afghan for my daughter....

and one afghan panel with a rose for my Michaels class display.

...and I'm working on treasure bags for charity. Plus I had to start a pair of crocheted socks (no picture yet) - hehe....there's the sock addiction again .

Speaking of socks, I have spent some time on the needle knitting pair I mentioned in a previous blog posting.....otherwise not much knitting since the last time (wonder how long that will last?)

Saturday is "Bead Blitz" at Michaels. I'll be there getting blitz'd on beads....I mean working with beads. If you're in the Lancaster CA area and need a bead fix, stop by!'s a "make and take" - doesn't get much better than that!

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Janet said...

Thanks for the link! I love the kitty bag. And I know exactly what you mean about the handle pattern. I still haven't finished mine!

Love the lavender rose. What are treasure bags?

If I'm around I may stop in Saturday for the Bead Blitz.