Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spring cleaning

The spring cleaning bug bit me (nasty little bug!). So I started cleaning out closets, book shelves, and craft room yesterday. A very daunting task that will continue for (probably) the next week because I get sidetracked. The book shelves are especially good at that when I run across a book I had forgotten was there. The good thing is - I eventually get some books listed on ebay and make a few bucks....then I buy more books HA!

While going through a bin of knitting, I ran across this scarf that I did last December. It's a loom knitted scarf that includes instructions for making loops inside the knitting - not just on the end rows. That's another pattern that I need to write. It has to wait until after spring cleaning though because I know if I stop'll stay as is.

In between all this cleaning, my daughter and I spent time working on her knitting project. This little knitter is called the Sew Easy Knitting Machine" and it's "sew cool" (pun intended). She likes it better then the looms since progress is seen faster. That works well in getting her interested in knitting - since she'd rather be creating mechanical gismos like this -

Ahhh well. She's just more interested in science then arts.

If you haven't had a chance to vote for my bead contest entry, there is still time. Thank you!

Time to go back to cleaning.

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Janet said...

Like the loopy scarf but the mechanical gizmo is sooo cool! I love the colors and all its legs. Your daughter is talented!